KetoFLEX 2,5% gel 50 g


Prescription medicinal product

KetoFLEX 2,5% gel belongs to the group of NSAIDs for topical administration by easy penetration through the skin into subcutaneous tissues and skeletal musculature. In this way a relief of exacerbated, inflammatory, painful muscle-skeletal diseases is ensured, avoiding the characteristic adverse drug effects observed with the oral use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The clinical studies presented in medical literature prove that the gel has anti inflammatory and anesthesizing effects both at the site of application and in the subcutaneous tissues and the tissues surrounding joints. It is accumulated in the synovial fluid and relieves the motility of joints.

KetoFLEX 2,5% gel is used for symptomatic treatment of pain and oedema in inflammatory diseases and traumas of joints, joint ligaments, tendons and muscles (arthritis, periarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, sprains, contusions, meniscus injuries stiffness of the neck, lumbago).

1 g gel contains as active substance 25 mg Ketoprofen

Adults and children over 15 years old:

Apply the gel (3-5 cm or more depending on the injury) on the skin once or twice daily, by gentle massaging so as to facilitate penetration.

Pediatric population in children and adolescents:

The experience in children younger than 15 years is limited, therefore the use of KetoFLEX 2,5% gel is not recommended.

For topical application.

Do not use for longer than 5 days unless prescribed by a doctor.

Always follow the instructions of your doctor!

Always read the leaflet before use!