Omalgin 500 mg/ml solution for injection 2 ml x 10


Prescription medicinal product

Omalgin 500 mg/ml solution for injection is a medicinal product of the pyrazolone group with a short term analgesic and fever reducing effects. For short term management of acute, moderate to moderately severe pain (following surgical intervention, urinary and biliary tract smooth muscle pain).

1 ml solution contains as active substance – 500 mg Metamizole sodium

Method of administration: intramuscular and intravenous.

To avoid a hypotensive reaction, the intravenous injection should be given very slowly, e.g.1 ml (500 mg metamizole) per minute as maximum speed.

Patients with normal kidney function:

In adult patients the maximum single dose is 1000 mg, and the maximum daily dose is 4 g.

In children and adolescents aged less than 14 years 8 – 16 mg metamizole per kg body weight may be given as a single dose. In case of fever a dose of 10 mg metamizole per kg body weight is usually sufficient for children. Adults and adolescents over 15 years old (> 53 kg) may receive up to 1000 mg as a single dose.

Elderly patients:

Usually no dose reduction is required. In patients with age-related kidney or liver function impairment a dose reduction would be required due to a potential increase in the elimination half life of metamizole metabolites (see section 5.2).

Patients with impaired kidney and/or liver function:

Since in case of kidney or liver function impairment the elimination rate is reduced, multiple high dose administration should be avoided. In short term use no dose reduction is required. Experience with long term treatment is insufficient.

Average treatment duration:

Long term treatment (longer than a few days) is not recommended unless explicitly prescribed by a doctor.

Always follow the instructions of your doctor!

Always read the leaflet before use!