Refrigerans® Active cream 75 ml

Меdical device Class I

Refrigerans® Active is indicated for:

  • Relief of traumas such as stretched muscles and tendons
  • Muscle spasms after long sitting, discomfort following strenuous physical exercise and fatigue

Аluminium acetate has astringent, antiflogistic, antiseptic and deodorising effects.

Its use in the form of Burow’s Solution was established as an antirheumatic and analgesic agent in classical rheumatology, and as antiseptic and antioedematous agent in dermatology and stomatology.

Еucalypt oil has invigorating, aroma therapeutic effects and relieves nervous strain and fatigue.

Marigold extract:

  • Calms the skin after sunburns , insect bites, promotes its regeneration following the exposure to extreme events during workouts
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin

100 g cream contain the following active substances:

Аluminium acetate – 3 %
Еucalypt oil – 0,5 g
Marigold extract – 0,5 g

Apply with gentle massaging movements on the skin 2-3 times daily.