Vitamin С + Selenium + Zinc capsules х 30

The combination of Se, Zn and Vitamin C plays an important role to overcome viral and bacterial infections. The components are an important factor in the formation of immune response to the most common infections. Even in case of massive viral invasion, the adequate use of Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin C reduces the probable occurrence of severe clinical manifestations. If a disease should occur, the period of recovery would be shortened, and the risk of complications would be reduced. The combination of Se, Zn and Vitamin C provides tone and energy in chronic fatigue conditions; it helps to strengthen the immune defense, particularly in individuals prone to infections.

Each capsule contains:

Vitamin С – 300 mg

Selenium / Se – 22,5 μg (L- selenomethionin)

Zinc / Zn – 5 mg (Zn citrate)

Adults:  1 capsule twice daily.

This is a dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for varied diet.