ViTrio® Therapy hair balsam with vitamins A, Е and B5 + KERATIN 250 ml

ViTrio® Therapy hair balsam with vitamins A, E, B5 + Keratin is especially indicated for dry, fragile, damaged and tired hair, with a tendency to split. The vitamin complex in the hair balsam acts in depth, strengthening and nourishing hair and scalp. The ingredients in the balsam are sparing; they cause no irritation and are suitable also for dyed hair. ViTrio® Therapy hair balsam makes the hair dense, healthy and shiny!

Vitamin А enhances the hair density and makes the hair elastic. It makes the hair healthy and shiny, with visibly improved structure.

Vitamin Е regulates the sebum levels and activates the cells. It effectively protects the hair against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Vitamin В5 (D-panthenol) has a strong hydrating effect, making the hair voluminous, silky soft and shiny.

Keratin has the property to restore the nature hair structure, fighting at the same time the splitting hairs. It hydrates the hair in depth and makes it easy to comb.

Vitamin А

Vitamin Е

Vitamin В5


Apply the cosmetic product evenly on damp hair, leave for several minutes to act and rinse.

For maximum effect use the whole hair care series Vitrio® Therapy.