Wishnevsky® ointment 40 g

Bismuth Tribromophenate / Juniper Tar

Non-prescription medicinal product

Wishnevsky® ointment is suitable in the treatment of purulent-inflammatory processes of different origin, purulent wounds, varicose ulcers, decubitus and diabetic ulcers, diabetic foot, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis. The product when applied on the skin, exerts antiseptic, anesthetic and antiinflammatory effects, helps to remove the necrotic matter, accelerates tissue regeneration, granulation and epithelization of the wounds.

1 g ointment contains the following active substances:

Bismuth Tribromophenate30 mg

Juniper Tar30 mg

It is applied on the skin. In case of varicose ulcers, diabetic wounds, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, a gauze dressing soaked with the ointment is placed on the affected area, with polyethylene foil over it. The compress is changed 1-2 times a week; in case of purulent-inflammatory processes, the dressing is changed depending on the purulent secretion.

Always follow the instructions of your doctor!

Always read the leaflet before use!