Dc-Bar-DS 90 g powder for oral and rectal suspension

Barium sulphate

Prescription medicinal product

DcBarDS contains as active substance barium sulphate 90 g.

This medicinal product is X- ray contrast agent for radiographic diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract.

By retaining the Xrays, barium sulphate enables the imaging on the screen, Xray plate or digital anatomical structure of the hollow organs where it was placed.

The high adhesive properties of the suspension in which it is used, allow to see optimally the mucosal relief of the studied organ including the microrelief.

It ensures the adhesion of barium particles on the mucosa with clear delineation of the most discreet wall defect.

DcBarDS is used for conventional and double contrast radiography test of the gastrointestinal organs.

Аctive substance barium sulphate 90 g in 1 pack

For oral administration: mornings, in a fasted state.

  • For digestive tract test:

1 pack (100 g) : 100 ml water is added in portions. Mix until a homogenous mix is produced.

  • For a stomach test:

1 pack (100 g) : add 200 ml water. Mix for 5 min, wait for 5 min and stir again for 2 min.

For rectal administration:

For a colon test:

  • For routine test:

3 packs (300 g) , add 1500 ml water (temperature 36°С).

  • For double contrast test:

2 packs (200 g), add 400 ml water (temperature 36°С).

For the small intestineby enteroclysis:

3 packs (300 g) introduced through a duodenal tube (with cooled water to 10°С up to 300 ml).

Always follow the instructions of your doctor!

Always read the leaflet before use!