Higienica® Plus lotion against lice and nits 60 ml

Medical device Class I

Higienica® Plus is a medical device class I containing Dimethicone, extremely suitable for the effective removal of lice and their nits, without the contents of any chemicals or biologically active substances. Not toxic and safe for children older than 3 years, pregnant or breast feeding women, asthmatics and persons with allergies.

Dimethicone acts physically against lice. It entirely covers the parasite penetrating its respiratory system and suffocating it, making the process of removing lice effective. Dimethicone does not interact with skin and contains no solvents which may cause problems for users with asthma.

Аctive substances:

Dimethicone – 4%

Other ingredients

Neem tree leaf extract – 5%

Lavender oil – 0,1%

You can find the instructions for use in the leaflet.